electronic medical & health record BluEHRBluEHR EMR/EHR for Filipino Doctors

The EMR for Philippine Doctors

UHC compliant electronic health record system designed & developed by Filipinos for Philippine doctors, and other health care practitioners.

For a better healthcare system for the Philippines

electronic medical record BluEHR

electronic medical record BluEHRBluEHR EMR/EHR for Filipino Doctors

BluEHR is an electronic health record (EHR) - the Electronic Health & Medical Record EHR & EMR system and practice management system rolled into one. This feature provides clinical decision support tools such as alerts, reminders, and best practice guidelines to help healthcare providers make better decisions about patient care. Using the latest technology and powerful cloud computing servers, BluEHR ideal EMR product for medical practitioners.

BluEHR full-feature software

Full Featured EMR

BluEHR is designed for complete medical and healthcare features. Includes the basic consultation recording, e-precription, e-lab requests and e-medical certificates. We alos made it possible to plugin other medical specializations such as Pediatrics, OB-Gyn, Caridology and Health Failure, Mental Health and others. See our comprehensive list of medical plugins. With BluEHR, your medical practice will be complete and functional the way you need it.

BluEHR care centric design

Care-centric Design Workflow

BluEHR adopts with the workflow of doctors. From the time patients come in until patients pay for their consultation. It follows pertinent data entry points during the patient journey in the clinic. Role-based users are also integrated into the workflow making sure data and entry points are only for permitted users.

BluEHR secure data for your medical records

Health Data Security

Personal health data is one of the most important information of a person in addition to personal data. BluEHR is equipped with proper security technology to make sure patient records are safe. Frequent interval baskups to assure data are always complete and minimizes data loss. Critical

BluEHR software as a service

Cloud-based Service

We value your time and practice should be available amytime and anywhere. With our BluEHR, you have access to your patient records when you need it anywhere you are. We used the best cloud solution provider to make you we deliver the data to you, safe, secure and fast.

BluEHR mobile enabled practice management

Mobile EMR

While we know that data encoding is not user friendly on mobile phones, we believe that accessing your records is especially on the go. With our BluEHR PWA (progressive web application), you do not have to worry about installing. Not need to go to an app store to get it. Just browse to our website and install from there and your data is available instantly.

BluEHR Plans

BluEHR offers 3 plans for your practice each one offering features and functions based on your level of medical profession and your budget. All offers the basic medical recording features that can support your simplest workflow.

We have 3 BluEHR Plans available for your specific needs.

BluEHR Lite

BluEHR Lite

The BluEHR LITE Plan is for doctors just starting their career and would like to have their digital practice early. Unlimited records, compliant and secure. Starting your practice on the right foot.

BluEHR Pro


The BluEHR PRO Plan is for the tech-savvy doctors who want more features that can support their digital practice. Powerful personalization and extendible system that makes the application your own.

BluEHR Team


The BluEHR TEAM Plan is designed to support family or peer practice configuration. Robust support for common staffing and administration with the same feature of the PRO edition at a discounted rate.

BluEHR Lite


per doctor per month
minimum subscription 3 months

₱16,500 annually

  • 1 Doctor Account
  • 1 Sub-account
  • Unlimited Records




per doctor per month
minimum subscription 3 months

₱22,200 annually

  • 1 Doctor Account
  • 1 Sub-account
  • Unlimited Records




per doctor per month
minimum subscription 3 months

₱20,000 annually per doctor

  • 3 (min) Doctor Accounts
  • 1 Sub-account each
  • Unlimited Records


Add-on Accounts

Additional costs will be charged for additional accounts.

₱1,000 / month / sub-account
minimum subscription 3 months

Compare Plan Features

Features & Description

BluEHR Lite
BluEHR Pro
BluEHR Team

Unlimited Records

Just record them all you want.

24/7 Cloud-based EMR

Your medical records available anytime and anywhere.

Reminder & Notification System

Complete notification and reminder feature for your patients and you via BluPHR, SMS, email or in-app.

Referral System

You can refer your patients to any doctor or facility within the BluHealth system.

Lite Analytics

Views statistics of your practice.

Appointment & Booking System

Your appointments and schedules in one glance.


Generate digital and printable prescriptions.

Diagnostic eRequest with results input/attachment

Generate digital and printable requests for diagnostics and laboratory.

Role-based dashboards

Data are only viewable based on roles.

ICD10 compliant

Our diagnosis feature are based on ICD-10 standards.

HL7-FHIR enabled

Data is available and transmitted using HL7-FHIR standards.

Data backup & export

You are allowed to backup and export your data in encrypted format.

Patient Portal through BluPHR

Your patients can access their records and schedule and book an appointment.

Mobile Web App

Meet your patients virtually through our own telemedicine system.



Meet your patients virtually through our own telemedicine system.

Specialization Charting Templates

Your specialization are given special templates using healthcare plugins.


Extend BluEHR with various features using BluExtensions. Subscribed separately.

Intelligent Alerts & Care Monitoring

Never miss an important alert for your patients.

Auto-disease registry system

Registers your patient to disease registries.

Practice Reporting & Analytics

Views statistics and generate reports of your practice.

Healthcare Reporting & Analytics

Views statistics and generate reports of your patients.

Medical Certificate Module

Generate digital and printable medical ceritificates.

Practice Management

Basic accounting, inventory, billing and payment.

Team subscription

Lower priced subscription for groups of 3 or more.

Team analytics

View your team performance using simple analysis.

Team referral

Refer patients within your team.

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