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Welcome to TQHQ EHR EMR Philippines

Welcome to TQHQ.
Transforming healthcare.

Digital health transformation that enhances continuity of medical care through advanced electronic health record systems, health technology products and healthcare system services in the Philippines, making doctor-patient experiences efficient, invaluable and affordable.

Health information technology solutions: Establishing an efficient, affordable and valuable healthcare system is our passion. This is why we provide health care technology solutions that will enhance the quality of healthcare facilities and bring more convenience to patients and staffs, when it comes to exchange of health information between various parties. Our applications include hospital outpatient information system, electronic medical records, clinic management system and patient personal health applications all designed for the Philippines.

EHR EMR Philippines Efficient Healthcare System


Our BluHealth Enterprise Network, a health information system for Philippine doctors and allied health workers, is designed to seamlessly blend into your healthcare practice making it more efficient for you and your patients.

EMR Software For Medical Practices: TQHQ is one of the leading provider of cloud-based electronic health record (EHR / EMR) & practice management software solutions that streamline clinical and business operations for health centers. Our software solutions were designed to provide an efficient, secure and compliant system that helps your medical practice run more efficiently.

EHR EMR Philippines Invaluable Healthcare System


We understand that complete, secure and accessible data, health services, medical libraries, analytical statistics and international health information systems standards all in one integrated networked system is critical to a doctor's practice.

Your medical practice software solution.: We strive to support your medical practice with the right electronic health records solutions. Our team of experts will customize an innovative, secure and scalable EMR software solution to streamline your workflow, while saving you time. We offer seamless and hassle-free transition to a centralized user-friendly platform with the right mobile app to make it work for your practice.

EHR EMR Philippines Affordable Healthcare System


Optimum & practical pricing and efficient health information system design makes it affordable. We offer various pricing schemes for your practice needs.

Electronic Health Records That Meet The Health Benefits Mandate: Our Electronic Health Records software solutions were created specifically to aid medical practices with the recent health care law updates. We've designed our software with many features that make it easy to comply with the new Health Benefits Mandate. At TQHQ, we always take your needs and concerns into consideration when designing a system.

Our Products

BluHealth Enterprise Network EHR EMR Philippines Enterprise Network

BluHealth is a cloud-based, integrated ecosystem of interoperable & shareable health information system of products & services providing a complete solution not only for Philippine doctors but also for all Filipinos and all the other medical & healthcare services and providers.

BluHealth's software-as-a-service EHR electronic health record system is a cloud based EMR electronic medical document management solution to manage, store, search and retrieve patient’s data. It helps Filipino physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, facilities and clinics share information among themselves while monitoring the health status of their patients.

Currently we have 4 live products, BluEHR (Lite and Pro), BluCLN, BluRHU and BluPASS. Two more are coming by mid 2023. BluPHR, our patient portal & web app and BluHIS, our own hospital information system.

Currently we have 4 live products, BluEHR (Lite and Pro), BluCLN, BluRHU and BluPASS. Two more are coming by mid 2023. BluPHR, our patient portal & web app and BluHIS, our own hospital information system.

BluEHR Electronic Health Record EHR EMR Philippines

Our flagship application of BluHealth, a cloud-based electronic health record application (EHR/EMR) for Philipine doctors, designed with and for Filipino clinicians who aim to utilize secured, efficient and digitized healthcare information technology solutions by transforming practice management.

BluCLN clinic management system EHR EMR Philippines

BluCLN, clinic management system of BluHealth, which allows Philipine clinics to management not only the medical records but also provide multi-specialty, multi-service, multi-doctor and multi-staff clinic operations.

BluPHR patient health record EHR EMR Philippines

The partner product of BluEHR, a free patient portal and mobile application that will allow patients to manage their own health record without the hassle and extra cost with extra healthcare services and options.

BluHealth Facility Applications EHR EMR Philippines

Facility Applications

Our Facility Applications are a set of interconnected and enterprise software that will help and optimize your Facility health operations by giving you the right tools.

BluHealth Service Applications EHR EMR Philippines

Service Applications

Our Service Applications are a set of web supported applications that provide medical services for your practice and patients which your partner service providers efficient and faster access.

BluHealth Administration Applications EHR EMR Philippines

Administration Applications

Our Administration Applications are a set of administrative modules and features that can provide proper insights and statistics for your facility.

Our Services

Digital Health Transformation

Transforming how we do healthcare is our mission. By harnessing modern technologies, we can find the better way to healthcare.

Digital Health Transformation is the future of healthcare, making use of health information and data in managing patients' medical and health care. Digital Health Platform offers exceptional value to healthcare providers, linking them to a network of professionals across multiple facilities. With Digital Health Platform, they have access to the world's most comprehensive clinical data, enabling them to be more efficient and effective in delivering quality care. More importantly though, our mission is to make healthcare affordable for everyone through value-added services, personalized therapies and timely decision making.

TQHQ Health Tech Research for EHR/EMR Philippines

Health Tech Research

We can help you design systems for health research and development. We have the expertise and experience in building systems to enhance and improve health outcomes through various research programs.

TQHQ Data Analytics for EHR/EMR Philippines

Data Analytics

We can help you analyze your health data to make your healthcare services a lot more meaningful and useful for your patients.

TQHQ Integration & Connectivity for EHR/EMR Philippines

Integration & Connectivity

Through our health ecosystem, we can integrate your existing systems with ours to make your own healthcare services complete.

TQHQ Artificial Intelligence for EHR/EMR Philippines

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI expertise can help provide interpreted analysis of data which can optimize your healthcare workflow by integrating our AI system to your system.

TQHQ Medical User Experience Design for EHR/EMR Philippines

Medical User Experience Design

We can help you with your health digital transformation by helping you design workflows, application integration and healthcare workflow.

TQHQ Standards Compliance for EHR/EMR Philippines

Standards Compliance

We offer government compliance through our BluGOV government portal where you can submit your various Philhealth and DOH reports and data submissions without using our BluHealth practice applications.

TQHQ Data Privacy for EHR/EMR Philippines

Data Privacy

Keep your entire team in sync with development and easily manage tasks, goals, and deadlines.


Our customers are our biggest fans.

Here are some happy and satisfied users of our system. They inspire and help us improve our services.

“The use of electronic medical record is now a necessity rather than a choice. It improves your efficiency and clinical effectiveness. An effective EMR conforms to your needs rather than dictates to you what to do. Modern EMR should be able to incorporate clinical pathways and guidelines and most specially designed to monitor your performance as a doctor. Improving your clinical performance using metrics inside the EMR will ultimately improve patient care.”

Dr. Eugene Reyes, M.D.
Internal Medicine - Adult Cardiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventive Cardiology, Clinical Epidemiology
UP PGH, Manila Doctors Hospital

“It has made my practice both in outpatient consultants and hospital admisssion easy and efficient. This made patient management more effective in terms of antibiotics rotation and review of past diseases. Since Sept 2015 your project has made an impact in my practice and to the lives of my patients.”

Dr. Lionel Geolingo, M.D.
Diplomate in Internal Medicine
Bacolod City

“It addressed the lack in manpower. We can finish a lot of tasks better than before. Patient records are easily accessible eliminating long ques and waiting time. Patients are served better and they go home satisfied with the service.”

Dr. Clemencia Dilag Bondoc, M.D.
Municipal Health Officer
Zarraga, Iloilo
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