TQHQ Digital Health Transformation

Transforming how we do healthcare is our mission. By harnessing modern technologies, we can find a better way to healthcare.

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TQHQ Digital Health Transformation

Apart from our cloud-based healthcare technology products, we also offer design, development and consultancy services in the field of health research, big data, user experience and analytics. Our experience and expertise in these fields are baked by the different clients and projects we were involved in delivering health solutions that solves their defined problems.

HealthTech Research
Advancing healthcare through digital technologies.

We design systems for health research and development in various fields of medicine. We have the expertise and experience in building systems and applications to enhance and improve healthcare outcomes through various research programs.

We have collaborated with various researches in epidemics (dengue & typhoid), drug rehabilitation, heart failure, diabetes and physical rehab including amputation and cleft lip and palate in children.

Several researches are online such as EPI Nurse, Heart Failure Registry, Mobility Assessment, Community Based Drug Rehab and others.

Health Analytics
Analyzing healthcare using big data.

Harnessing big data in health can provide proper insights in decision making, planning and provision of care to patients. Proper analysis of a patient's data or a community surveillance can be most useful if properly presented.

We can develop dashboards to assist you in analyzing your health data for a more targeted and purposive approach in developing health care services for your patients.

Our team was part of developing the Covid surveillance system FASSSTER.

Integration & Connectivity
Advancing healthcare through interoperability.

With our integarted healthcare information ecosystem, we can customize, develop and integrate your existing systems with ours to make your own healthcare services diverse and complete.

We designed out applications with an API system that can integrate easily with any existing system with the same connecitivity protocol REST. With our API gateway, we offer a secure data accessibility between systems.

We have several use cases already in place: PhilHealth EClaims, PhilHealth Konsulta, Ateneo de Manila Blue Pass and Safe Pass Covid Tracking System to name a few.

Medical User Experience Design
Enhancing healthcare by design.

Tools, applications and systems can only work if they are useable by their targeted users. Proper user experience design makes our digital tools work as they are intended to function. Without design, it just does not work.

We can help you with your health digital transformation by developing systems that are guided by your workflows.

We have designed mobile and web apps for the Aktibu Project and Power App project.

Artificial Intelligence
Improving healthcare through AI.

With the new trend of technology in artificial intelligence, we are able to improve healthcare outcomes by using AI in our development. One use case is patient medical tracking, monitoring and notifications that can assist medical care through machine learning.

Standards Compliance
Strengthening healthcare through compliance.

Standards keep everything we do at par with the rest of the world. Health also has its governing standards and it is part of our mission to make compliance a part of our design and development. Whether it be international or Philippine standards.

We also recognize the need for government to provide policies and rules that governs all healthcare services in the Philippines. With the Department of Health and its divisions, compliance is at the top of our standards.

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