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Electronic Health Record For Facilities

A permanent, universal health record for everyone with better security and EMR workflow efficiency. Connecting with your patients has never taken you this far and wide.

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BluFacility Applications

Electronic Health Records in a clinic or multi-services setting is one of the applications in our BluHealth enterprise applications. With features & functionalities for multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, birthing clinics and out-patient departments equipped with optional modules for laboratories and pharmacies. Connecting all health data from every healthcare provider the patient goes to. A seamless healthcare information workflow for doctors, services and products ultimately give the patients the continuity of care they need without the delay of available information.

We have 3 BluFacility Applications available for your specific needs.

The BluCLN is for clinics or multi-specialty health centers that provides various healthcare services and is supported/operated by many doctors and medical staff.

The BluRHU is an EMR especifically made for government health units to provide care for the LGUs. Bundled with necessary DOH & PhilHealth extensions, this application can provide municipal health officers the digital transformation needed to comply with the UHC.

The BluHIS is our own hospital information system with a vast array of features ranging from medical, operations, logistics, staffing, financial and many more.

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