BluRHU RHU Health for the Philippines electronic medical record BluRHU

EMR For Rural Health Units

Formerly known as ShineOS+, a permanent, universal health record for Filipinos used by government health units with better security and EMR workflow efficiency. For municipal health officers and barangay health workers.

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Our EMR / EHR built for government use - Rural Health Units, hence RHU. Designed for RHU healthcare and patient management. It was envisioned to be the first Healthcare Exchange System and was designed to provide LGU health facilities the ability to have a fast & efficient medical record retrieval system and to submit timely medical data & reports to DOH and Philhealth. Built for municipal health officers and barangay health workers, it was also geared to work with the Philippine Healtn Information Exchange - PHIE.

Designed for local government use

Access your local constituents RHU health records anytime. Taking care of your municipality's health is now easier and faster. Share it securely and privately to your local DOH and PhilHealth offices. Keep track of your local health anytime and anywhere.

Fully Integrated with Philhealth

With the passing the universal health act, municipal health centers can now connect and submit their RHU health records digitally to PhilHealth through its E-Claims and Konsulta packages.

Compliant with DOH Standards

We built our health ecosystem with DOH as primary reference. Adhering to its standards, all municipal health officers can comply with ease through our BluRHU RHU EMR.

Full feature EMR/EHR

Our EMR, electronic medical record, application is also an electronic health record, EHR. A full feature RHU health record for Filipinos, providing complete and efficient digital system for their health.

EMR / EHR for Government Healthcare Providers

Using BluRHU, your local municipal health records are just a click of your mouse on your PC or device.



Design for rural health units, RHU, municipal health offices, MHO and city health offices, CHO.

Government Hospitals OPD

Government Hospitals & OPDs

It was also design with government hospitals and out patient departments, OPDs, in mind.

Municipal, Province & Regional

Local Government Units

Local government officers are likewise given overview and summary access to the health of their LGUs.

Government Specific Features

Government healthcare has its own unique requirements to be accredited and we made sure we are compliant. Here are some important features of our BluRHU.

DOH Standards Healthcare Data

The DOH has developed national health data standards that enable consistent and accurate collection and exchange of health information across health systems and services, and geographical and health sector boundaries through use of common standards on data structure, terminologies, and messaging.

DOH Prescribed Encounter Forms

DOH Prescribed Encounter Forms are electronic forms that are used to record medical encounters between patients and healthcare providers.

Disease Registries

Disease registries are centralized databases for the collection of information of specific diseases, for example cancer registries and of secondary data related to patients with a specific diagnosis, condition, or procedure.

DOH & PhilHealth Reporting Functions

With BluRHU, your clinic can submit to available DOH & PhilHealth reporting requirements from your LGU. RHU health data are automatically collected, collated and formatted to the specific data formats and then submitted to their respective server systems.

DOH Standard Drug Library

The DOH Standard Drug Library is a collection of drug information that provides a standard reference for drug information. It is used by health care professionals to ensure that they are prescribing the correct medication.

Hospital Facility Statistical Reporting System

The DOH OHSRS is a system of reporting regarding hospital statistics based on facility, logitics, operations and revenue. BluRHU can generate reports and submit digitally.

PhilHealth Claims & Enrollment Facility

BluRHU is a certified E-Claims Solutions Application for data collection, generating, and submitting claims to PhilHealth Claims server.

PhilHealth Konsulta Primary Package

BluRHU is also certified for Konsulta Package Software for data collection, generating, and submitting claims to PhilHealth Konsulta.

LGU Statistics & Reporting Access

As part of the features of BluRHU, we provided a way for LGU executives to view and analyze the health of their municipality or city. With our Executive Access, pertinent data and statistics can provide proper insights in decision making.


BluRHU is also designed as a modular software allowing extensions or plugins to be added as optional features to the EMR/EHR. Features like Inventory, Payment, Insurance and other medical specialization forms that can extend the functionality of the EMR.

Full Features based on BluEHR

BluRHU is a full feature EMR / EHR software solution for any practice. clinic and/or hospital use.

Some of our LGU Partners

Through 7 years of ShineOS+, our existing LGU partners has entrusted to us their RHU operations.

Argao 1 RHU
Rizal RHU
Dalaguete RHU
Argao 2 RHU
San Remegio RHU
Samboan RHU
Zarraga RHU
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