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The Complete Clinic Management System for the Universal Health Care

BluCLN Clinic Management System simplifies healthcare practice operations and enhances patient care. Streamline appointment scheduling, record keeping, billing, and more. Boost productivity with BluCLN!

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Clinic Management System for Multi-specialty Healthcare Clinics

BluCLN is a state-of-the-art clinic management system that streamlines healthcare operations, optimizes patient care, and boosts productivity. From scheduling appointments and managing patient records to billing and reporting, BluCLN is a comprehensive solution that simplifies every aspect of running a clinic. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and cloud-based technology, BluCLN is the ideal choice for healthcare professionals who want to enhance their practice and deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Clinic medical records

Clinic Medical Records

The clinic medical records module features an easy-to-use user-interface with intuitive controls so you can quickly input patient information and access records whenever you need them. Our secure cloud-based system ensures your records are safe and easily accessible so you can focus on providing access to the best possible healthcare.

Government Hospitals OPD

Clinic Operations

With our clinic management system, you have the tools you need to keep your clinic running efficiently. From patient intake to billing statements, our system provides easy access to data, records and reports. Connect appointments and invoices directly to patient charts to make billing easier.

Municipal, Province & Regional

Business Features

Our Clinic Management Application is the perfect solution to help streamline daily operations in the medical office. With intuitive dashboards and powerful business tools, our software allows Medical Professionals to effectively manage patient appointments, communicate with clinical staff, and track billing performance in one convenient location.

Municipal, Province & Regional

Health Services

Our customizable care workflow and communication interface provides doctors and staff with the tools they need to streamline patient care and optimize their workflow. With patient records, customizable patient forms, appointment bookings, and prescriptions all available at the click of a button, our application ensures that every patient interaction runs smoothly and efficiently.

BluCLN Clinic Specific Features

Infirmaries and health clinics require various operating functions that cater to business, management and peronnel other than just medical records keeping. BluCLN provides these features to make your clinic management operations efficient.

Multiple Doctor Accounts

You can have as many doctor accounts in your clinic as you need to.

Payment and Inventory

Business tools that you need to management your clinic.

Staff Management and Scheduling

Personnel management tool for your clinic.

Multi-specialization Templates

An array of specialization template for multi-speciality clinics.

Optional Lab and Pharmacy Modules

Laboratory information system and pharmacy despensing tool when you need them.

Executive Dashboards

Information and insights for owners and managers.

Philhealth EClaims & Konsulta Enrollment Facility

Connectivity to government complaince and reporting tools.

Patient Queue Board

A properly design and customizable queue board.


Need more features? We may have them or we can develop them for you.

Full Features based on BluEHR

All the features of our EMR/EHR.

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