electronic medical record BluEHR

electronic medical record BluEHR

Clinic Management System for a Universal Electronic Health Record

Clinic management system to manage your healthcare operations in the cloud.

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BluEHR is an electronic health record (EHR) - the flagship application of our BluHealth Enterprise Network. An Electronic Medical Record EMR and health record system rolled into one. It stores patient data safe, private and immutable. It is designed to be user-centric, making user experience our priority. By using the latest technology in UI and UX plus the integrity of distributed ledger technology and powerful cloud computing servers, BluEHR is an excellent tool for medical practitioners.

Full Featured

BluEHR has added features that extend and expand healthcare workflow.

Care-centric Design

Designed for medical practitioners, we use only the latest UI/UX design patterns and technologies to give you an application to streamline your practice.

Data Secure

Security and privacy are the core features of every TQHQ product. Every private record is properly encrypted at rest.

Cloud SaaS

BluEHR cloud-based software-as-a-service application creates an opportunity to securely access data when it is needed. It is designed for maximum scalability, extendibility, and efficient data processing.


BluEHR Mobile Application supports users on-the-go. Efficiently designed for mobile use, it extends the borders of the EHR.

BluEHR Mobile

We understood that doctors are business and always on the go. So we also created BluEHR Mobile to allow practitioners to get pertinent health data of their patients anywhere and anytime they need it.

Mobile Application

BluEHR Mobile Application built for iOS and Android supporting all mobile users.

Phones & Tablets

BluEHR is designed to work on both mobile phones or tablets.

BluEHR Components

electronic medical record BluEHR mobile home electronic medical record BluEHR mobile dashboard electronic medical record BluEHR mobile report
The core features of BluEHR

The core function of BluEHR allows for interconnectivity within healthcare systems, stores digital records, sets reminders, sends referrals and generates analytics and reports with added practice management features such as billing, booking, and many more. At the heart of BluEHR is a modular system that allows easy and flexible expansion of features.


Extending BluEHR

BluEHR is powered by components known as BluExtensions for specialized features and medical practice. BluExtensions are available as separate features that can be subscribed to and activated when needed.

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Your work is made easier

Workflow Oriented

BluEHR is created to help doctors work worry-free. It is designed to follow your workflow.


BluEHR can be used anytime and anywhere in the world because it utilizes cloud-based system.

Philhealth Ready

BluEHR is certified by PhilHealth and is recognized by DOH as a health information provider.

Privacy Certified

Data processing and storage is compliant to the data privacy act. We are cerftified compliant with the National Privacy Commission.

BluEHR Editions

We recognize different workflows. So we created BluEHR electronic medical record Editions to cater to various needs, situations and available support.

We have 3 BluEHR editions available for your specific needs.

BluEHR Lite

The BluEHR LITE Edition is for doctors who are starting their career and would like to have their digital practice early. Unlimited records, compliant and secure. Starting your practice on the right foot.


The BluEHR PRO is for the tech-savvy doctors who want more features that can support their digital practice. Powerful personalization and extendible system that makes the application your own.


The BluEHR TEAM Edition is designed to support family or peer practice configuration. Robust support for common staffing and administration with the same feature of the PRO edition at a discounted rate.

BluEHR Lite


per doctor per month

₱12,000 annual




per doctor per month

₱21,000 annual




per doctor per month

₱18,000 annual


Add-on Accounts

Additional costs will be charged for additional support accounts.

Sub-doctors @ ₱900/month

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